Online Booking System

Ajas Booking System has been designed to make life easier for service-oriented companies and their customers.

It can be embedded directly on your company’s existing website, making it convenient for your customers to book appointments to your professional staff. Please take a look at our demo for an example.

Ajas will increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization by helping you to manage your employees and their time. Contact us to receive a personal presentation from our sales agent.


The booking system is suitable for many industries but we are focused in the healthcare and wellness space. Some examples of our clients:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists / Dental Hygienists
  • Gym / Yoga / Personal Trainer
  • Hair / Beauty Salons
  • Spa / Massage
  • Therapists

The system is also suitable for booking meeting rooms in office buildings and similar resources.

Key Benefits

We believe life is not waiting, and neither should your customers. Using Ajas provides the following benefits for your organization:

  • Your customers can see the next available times on your website directly without having to send emails or call by phone to schedule an appointment.
  • Save time of your employees that would be spent on answering phones or managing bookings manually.
  • Fill the calendar of your professional staff efficiently so they have less gaps (time without appointments) during their working hours.
  • Automatic reminders for your customers by email and SMS so they remember to arrive to the appointment.
  • Automatic reports and statistics so you can monitor how your employees are using their working time.